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Fri Dec 26 21:45:00 UTC 2014

On Fri, Dec 26, 2014 at 3:32 PM, Alexander Ploumistos
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This is a great post and there are a lot of points worthy of
discussion. I'm going to focus my reply on the ending (though there
are several threads that could spawn from this).

> The biggest issue here is which is the targeted user base of Fedora, if
> there is one? And what are the use cases we want fedora to cover?

Prior to Fedora 21, I'm not sure we could really claim to have a
targeted user base. The products (or whatever name we settle on, see
the council-discuss thread) are a great start to defining more
specific target audiences. They're still relatively broad, but I
expect that as they mature, we'll see that they better define what the
target is and we'll be better at understanding who is actually using
Fedora and for what.

> Can we
> have "Freedom" and be "First" and still cater to everyone's needs?

No, and that's okay. We could get rid of either of those and still not
cater to everyone's needs. The important thing is to meet the needs
we're trying to meet. I personally consider "first" to be the most
flexible of the foundations, in the sense that we could offer the
occasional release with longer support without compromising it. I
doubt we'll get a large share of the non-savvy user base in the same
way that Ubuntu did, but we don't have to.

Ben Cotton

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