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Michael Catanzaro mcatanzaro at gnome.org
Sun Dec 28 17:46:09 UTC 2014

>>> * p7zip, being a command-line tool, is something "normal users" 
>>> should never need. If Archive Manager needs it as a plugin, it can 
>>> install it with PackageKit if it's not detected, or it should be a 
>>> dependency in the RPM if Archive Manager doesn't support that. 
>>> Hunting down a magic package name to install is not an acceptable 
>>> user experience, and not something we should encourage or optimize 
>>> for. Alternatively, it could include an appdata file so that it's 
>>> listed as an Archive Manager plugin in GNOME Software, but I think 
>>> that would be non-ideal in this case, since users should never have 
>>> to worry about having the right packages installed to unzip an 
>>> archive.
>> So this means that a default Workstation installation should have a 
>> large number of non-graphical programs installed by default, or that 
>> the various applications will be compiled with every possible 
>> dependency, e.g. Archive Manager will pull in every possible 
>> compression/decompression back end?

One more note here: if you try to run a command line program that isn't 
installed, PackageKit will search for it in all enabled repos, offer to 
install it for you if found, and then run the command. It's really a 
nice user experience, and it's what I use to install executables that I 
don't have. This only helps for executables, of course, and it doesn't 
help users who first attempt to find the package some other way.
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