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2014-12-28 21:38 GMT+02:00 Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at gnome.org>:

> The workflow we have in F21 is this:
> * Firefox asks if you want to install the Flash plugin.
> * Firefox takes you directly to Adobe's download page for Flash.
> * The user magically knows to select YUM for Linux (YUM) and downloads the
> provided RPM.
> * The user magically knows that he can double-click on the RPM (what's an
> RPM?) to open GNOME Software and install Flash.
> I guess the magic leaps are somewhat unfortunate, but it's still easier
> than dealing with packages, I hope.

Why not throw in the first run help screen a couple of mentions to yum and
rpm with big, bold letters? Yum is tasty and easy to remember!

> and listen to mp3s.
> This is more difficult, since we cannot even point users towards where
> they might possibly find an MP3 codec. I don't think we can fix this
> without a super PAC or some form of regime change.

Someone should have pitched this idea to Colbert before the elections, now
it's too late...
Is it reasonable to expect that mp3 codecs and libraries will make it to
the main repos sometime in 2017?

> So the experience should be 100% graphical. Finding the right RPM to
> enable the external repository on the Adobe or rpmfusion website is a pain
> and we need to improve that, but once you've done that you just double
> click on it and don't need to worry about packages. I think the biggest
> step we could improve here is the rpmfusion web site. They really need to
> replace their homepage with [1], and explain that Fedora apps will find the
> codecs you need automatically, so that users don't have to keep asking for
> help with this.

Or yet another first run screen...
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