fpaste for Android and on Gtk+

Igor Gnatenko ignatenkobrain at fedoraproject.org
Sun Dec 28 23:49:22 UTC 2014


I with my friend (Vitaly Sulimov) developed easy application for
Android to use Fedora pastebin[0].

I often using my android device to do my work (help people in
irc/jabber, etc.) and I need send some code from phone. This is not
useful to do via web browser (I'm using FF).
So, we created app where you can choose language, paste/write code and
press send. If all ok - your clipboard will contain URL.

Also, I developed (just for fun) Gtk+ client[1] for Linux using GLib,
Soup, etc. With async and etc (only one text will be uploaded at the
time, other will be cancel).

Hope you will find this apps or source code useful. Patches are welcome ;)

-Igor Gnatenko

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