Ramblings and questions regarding Fedora, but stemming from gnome-software and desktop environments

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Mon Dec 29 12:10:02 UTC 2014

Am 29.12.2014 um 04:28 schrieb Stephen John Smoogen:
> It is your age, and there has been nothing gradual about it.. Look the
> world has moved a lot in the last 30 years, and we have gone past the
> point where current developers are humouring us old folk for making
> jokes about IDE-operators

no, it is not the age

i bought my first PC in 1998, started with Visual Basic and after only 
payling a little around with Linux the years before i switched in summer 
2006 from Windows to Linux due setup a new working machine and don't use 
dual-boot that time

you can't imagine how many things i did with the GUI to find out shell 
commands are much more powerful and for the most things a 3 liner bash 
script can replace the most GUI's

that's why i call it harmful try to hide the shell from users

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