[POC-change] Fedora packages point of contact updates

nobody at fedoraproject.org nobody at fedoraproject.org
Mon Dec 29 10:00:03 UTC 2014

Change in package status over the last 168 hours

0 packages were orphaned

1 packages were retired
googlecl [el6] was retired by devos
     Command line tools for the Google Data APIs

3 packages unorphaned
nmon [f21, f19, master, f20] was unorphaned by athmane
     Nigel's performance Monitor for Linux
nordugrid-arc [el5] was unorphaned by limb
     Advanced Resource Connector Grid Middleware
pyftpdlib [f21, f19, master, f20] was unorphaned by athmane
     Python FTP server library

0 packages were unretired

1 packages were given
nodejs-lazystream [master, f21, f20, el6] was given by patches to piotrp
     Create streams lazily when they are read from or written to

0 packages had new branches

Sources: https://github.com/pypingou/fedora-owner-change

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