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Tue Dec 30 06:17:58 UTC 2014

On Mon, Dec 29, 2014 at 5:58 PM, Alexander Ploumistos
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> What does the CLI-less-ness of Macs and their gazillion dollar industry have
> to do with the rest of this discussion though?

None really. I was just pushing back against the idea platform CLIness
has anything to do with who is a developer vs IDE controller.

> The fact that I take from this thread and which keeps getting buried in the
> avalanche of postings, is that there is an ongoing and good effort to
> provide graphical means for users to install, configure and use Fedora on
> their computers, without ever having to use a terminal because there is no
> alternative. Those who enjoy using a terminal will still be able to perform
> those same tasks without bothering with the UI elements. New users will
> always have the opportunity to discover the awesomeness of a shell, but by
> choice; not by need.

I agree.

I'd still like to see a fedup + Software integration to make upgrades
a routine aspect of the Fedora lifecycle rather than a major and
seemingly risky event. Already, updating with Software is a completely
trustworthy, single button click, single reboot experience. That's not
at all the experience I had recently on Windows.

Fedora has a certain advantage with the fast development cycle, which
is that the upgrades aren't as big a leap in package versions as it is
between e.g. Ubuntu's LTS releases. So I don't see the cycle time
frame as inherently a problem, even for novices. Hardware OEM
projects, like Sputnik, gravitate toward Ubuntu because a 5 year
support model is familiar to them, and probably also that Canonical
offers pay for support.

More problematic, is Rawhide languishing during the intensive
refinement needed after branch, followed by the sigh of
exhaustion/relief, followed by the effort of a new wind up. I remain a
proponent of making beta higher quality so that more people are wiling
to test and find the major bugs before final is baked; and also to
make the testing time period between beta and final less frantic that
also risk late slips.

Chris Murphy

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