additional repository with {experimental,incubating} content

Marcela Mašláňová mmaslano at
Wed Feb 12 15:58:58 UTC 2014

Yesterday we spoke at Env and Stacks WG about Fedora additional 
repository. I was wondering what might other products need to put there. 
Will be the content experimental? Would it be the content just 
developing (not good for main Fedora repository) or simply not good to 
became Fedora package, because it contains bundles?
I would love to hear your use-cases, so Env WG could create policy and 
workflow for such repo.

Currently, it looks like it could contain also packages, which will be 
good for main repo in the future. The repository should have only 
minimal rules, not standard review, no conflicts among packages, ... You 
can follow whole discussion here [1], but no conclusion yet, just ideas.

Another question is if for example Ruby collection needed by OpenShift 
(Cloud WG) will be needed in main repo or it could be installed from 
additional repository.


Thanks for your input,

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