Is that the place for user feedback?

Jan Zelený jzeleny at
Thu Jan 2 13:50:47 UTC 2014

On 2. 1. 2014 at 13:14:41, jfm512 at wrote:
> Hello
> I have several issues wth Fedora 20.  Not bugs but shortcomings in the
> installer or packages who _must_ be in the DVD or default installations and
> aren't. Is that the place for submitting them?

I'd recommend you bugzilla as the best place for that (the "distribution" 
component), discussion here also makes sense if you want to propose some 
bigger changes. However note that we are in no position to change what's in 
the default installation right now. The Fedora images are composed and Fedora 
20 is out the door so any changes you propose might go to Fedora 21 at best.


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