Grub installation. First potential Fedora killer

Jean Fran├žois Martinez jfm512 at
Thu Jan 2 22:32:26 UTC 2014

I have a nice booter setup and a nice _main_ Linux installation.  Last thing I would want is a distribution I am _testing_, that is Fedora 20 forces on me it will be my main installation and forces me to choose between installing Grub on the MBR or not at all.

In addition it didn't detect my other Linux installation so at first boot I was only able to choose between Fedora 20 and Fedora 20.  Fortunately running grub-install fixed it (ie this time my other installations were detected).  Sort of.  First of all because Fedora 20, ie a ditribution I was _testing_ was now the default and second of all because every time I upgrade the kernel of my _main_ distribution I am supposed to reboot on F20 and run grub-install.  Great.  Nothing I can't fix but your average Ubuntu or Suse user will just cancel installation as soon he notices F20 is going to force itself on his MBR.  And if the road is a one way one between Fedora and Ubintu then  it is doomed.

JF Martinez 

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