Fedora 20 release day FedUp bug: post-mortem

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Fri Jan 3 01:22:28 UTC 2014


Adam Williamson wrote:
> As a 'meta' note, I think a factor that contributes to all of the above
> factors may be a lack of understanding outside a very few people as to
> precisely how the entire fedup process works: speaking personally, I
> certainly wasn't acquainted with all the subtleties until investigating
> this and other issues (not that I'd confidently claim to be an expert
> even now!) I think beyond Will Woods (obviously) and possibly Tim Flink
> (who did a lot of early fedup testing) and Dennis Gilmore (who tends to
> be the one generating the upgrade initramfs), possibly no-one really
> entirely understood the whole process.

That leads us to the question of why we don't simply endorse the direct yum 
(or dnf) method, which people do understand…

        Kevin Kofler

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