dnf versus yum

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Fri Jan 3 02:16:10 UTC 2014

Am 03.01.2014 03:12, schrieb Reindl Harald:
> Am 03.01.2014 03:05, schrieb Kevin Kofler:
>> To me, this is the real showstopper:
>> http://akozumpl.github.io/dnf/cli_vs_yum.html#keepcache-configuration-option-dropped
>> (By the way, how does PackageKit-hawkey behave there?)
>> The keepcache=0 default in Fedora is IMHO a CRITICAL DATA LOSS BUG and I
>> ALWAYS change that broken default to 1 on my machines. This ensures that if
>> an update is broken, I can always revert to the previous update that I still
>> have cached, not only to the ancient version from GA that might not even
>> install anymore, and that also has many bugs and security issues! Especially
>> considering that Fedora does not keep previous updates on its mirrors, it is
>> TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE to delete the cache by default, and EVEN MORE
>> UNACCEPTABLE to remove the keepcache option entirely!
> ok, until this is fixed DNF is a complete no-go
> * there is no need to completly mirror the fedora repos because on our
>   buildserver are exactly 1170 installed and they cover any setup over
>   a lot of machines, after a dist-upgrade within a minute the cache is
>   filled
> * it's unacepptable to download updates (regulary and dist-upgrades) on each machine
>   in a production environment because unpredictable results in case of different
>   mirrors as well as you can't update test-servers and after all is fine two
>   days later their production-buddy
> * it is a useless burden for the mirror traffic
> this script below works since many years and anybody who thinks /var/cache/yum/
> is not important never had to maintain 10, 20, 30 or more Fedora machines
> root at buildserver:~]$ cat /buildserver/repo-cache.sh
> #!/usr/bin/bash
> basearch=`uname -i`
> releasever=`rpm -q --qf "%{version}\n" fedora-release`
> for g in `ls -1b /var/cache/yum`
> do
>  if [ -d /var/cache/yum/$g/packages ]
>  then
>   echo "/var/cache/yum/$g/packages/ > /repo/cache/fc$releasever/"
>   sudo mv --verbose /var/cache/yum/$g/packages/*.rpm /repo/cache/fc$releasever/ 2> /dev/null
>  fi
> done
> /buildserver/repo-create.sh

uhm "It has been disabled in Fedora and there has been no real use cases indicated"
says who and with what real world expierience? look above!

the script above even caches presto-updates because the way YUM works the RPM
is rebuilt in /var/cache/yum/ as like it would have been downloaded as a whole
and in fact if the delta-rpm can't be downloaded for whatever YUM automatically
downloads the full RPM at the same place which clearly shows that there was a
lot of brainwork behind the way YUM acts

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