dnf versus yum

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Fri Jan 3 02:32:22 UTC 2014

Reindl Harald wrote:
> uhm "It has been disabled in Fedora and there has been no real use cases
> indicated" says who and with what real world expierience? look above!

They clearly haven't looked very far for use cases, indeed.

Another important use case (and another reason why keepcache=1 should not
only be supported, but IMHO even be the DEFAULT):
* Say an update to NetworkManager or one of its dependencies breaks your
  networking. (Maybe it's an unusual configuration that was missed during
* Even ignoring the issue of mirrors not keeping old updates (which I
  already pointed out earlier in this thread), with networking not working,
  you simply CANNOT go to a mirror, directly to Koji etc. to get a
  downgrade. The ONLY place to get the old package from is your yum cache.
* If this is not the first update to the package, you will definitely have
  the previous (or at least another recent) update cached.
* If this IS the first update to the package, if (like me) you used the
  direct yum method to upgrade Fedora (and of course keepcache=1), you have
  the GA package cached. I don't know how FedUp handles this, but if it
  doesn't keep the cache, it should!

In that situation, with keepcache=0, the installation is BRICKED! With 
keepcache=1, it can be fixed by downgrading the offending package from the 
cache (rpm -Uvh --oldpackage).

        Kevin Kofler

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