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On 01/03/2014 11:14 AM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> Since we can't afford a monthly conference (ha!), I want something that
> feels like it online. A hub for the community, where we have that
> interconnectedness all the time. I think this centers around HyperKitty --
> which should be ready for production any time now. Let's make that
> front-and-center when answering the question "what is Fedora?", and tie it
> to Badges, Fedora Magazine, Ask Fedora (possibly have it _replace_ Ask
> Fedora), and a new solution for short, helpful howto-style content (an
> element we're sorely missing now).

I strenuously agree about the need for a solution providing tutorial
content. There's plenty on the wiki, if you can find it, but wiki
content just doesn't feel qualified and doesn't invoke the same trust as
something that's clearly taken more effort to curate and present. I
spoke with a few people about this at Flock, and came back with the
impression that much of the community would contribute smaller articles.
However, they regarded the existing offerings at docs.fp.o either too
involving to contribute to, or too established in scope to add new

After some pondering, I brought these concerns and a possible solution
to the docs list[1]. Most agreed that making it easier to contribute to
docs was a good idea, though the discussion of how to achieve that
didn't take the course I intended.  The existing guide writers are doing
all they can to keep up with the Guides, so there was more interest in
facilitating those contributions than starting a divergent venture with
potentially just as little interest from the rest of the community.  We
decided to attempt a FAD[2] to hash it out.

If the rest of the community expressed an interest, I'm confident that
we could come up with an inviting and productive solution.  If anyone
wants to pursue it, I invite you to bring this portion of the
conversation to docs at lists.fedoraproject.org . I don't think we need a
second group to support a second documentation product - or an expansion
of the existing lineup - just a more active docs group.  The venture is
really peripheral to Fedora.next - but a larger docs community would
help us keep up with such changes, one way or another.

[1] https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/docs/2013-November/015317.html
[2] https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/docs/2013-November/015337.html

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