Self Introduction

Jan Tulak jtulak at
Sun Jan 5 20:38:57 UTC 2014

Thank you :-)

I'm also developing it ( 
ReadMe still needs to be filled with reasonable texts, I have to copy it from 
man pages (why write the same things twice). :-)

About the security concerns...  I have done some statistical testing of it 
(PractRand, TestU01) and even after many terabytes on four machines it didn't 
found anything suspicious. 
So I would not used it directly for something important (closed things are 
closed things, and with NSA paying to RSA for backdoors...), but for casual 
usage or as one of more entropy sources (or as a seed for a CSPRNG) it can 
work pretty well.

My package is including the C library and also a simple application usable by 
users directly (i.e. usable in shell scripts) if they do not want to pull data 
from /dev/[u]random.

Best regards

On Sunday 05 of January 2014 21:21:32 H. Guémar wrote:
> Welcome in Fedora :)
> Out of curiosity, are you only packaging it or also developing it ?
> Anyway, it will be a useful library (no trolling about the rdrand
> instruction ;))
> Best regards,
> H.

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