[Owner-change] Fedora packages ownership change

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Mon Jan 6 10:00:03 UTC 2014

Change in ownership over the last 168 hours

3 packages were orphaned
rdesktop [devel] was orphaned by ssp
     X client for remote desktop into Windows Terminal Server
audacity [devel,f18,f19,f20] was orphaned by manpaz
     Multitrack audio editor
imapfilter [EL-6,devel,f18,f19,f20] was orphaned by dsommers
     A flexible client side mail filtering utility for IMAP servers

24 packages unorphaned
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-binary [EL-5]
petersen        unorphaned : hlint [EL-6]
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-utf8-string [EL-5]
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-regex-base [EL-5,devel]
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-terminfo [EL-5]
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-uniplate [EL-6]
gholms          unorphaned : python-boto [f18,f19]
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-text [EL-5]
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-hashed-storage [EL-5]
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-html [EL-5,devel]
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-vector [EL-5]
sdake           unorphaned : heat [devel]
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-mmap [EL-5]
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-haskeline [EL-5]
petersen        unorphaned : darcs [EL-5]
cicku           unorphaned : obexftp [devel,f19,f20]
sdake           unorphaned : heat-jeos [devel,f18,f19]
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-regex-compat [EL-5]
kkeithle        unorphaned : nfs-ganesha [EL-6]
wakko666        unorphaned : zabbix [EL-5,EL-6,devel,f19,f20]
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-deepseq [EL-5]
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-dataenc [EL-5]
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-primitive [EL-5]
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-regex-posix [EL-5]

4 packages were retired
R-hdf5 [devel] was retired by spot
     Interface to the NCSA HDF5 library
GMT-coastlines [devel] was retired by orion
     Coastline data for GMT
heat [devel] was retired by sdake
     AWS CloudFormation functionality for OpenStack
heat-jeos [EL-6] was retired by sdake
     a tool to create JEOS images for Heat

9 packages changed owner
limb            gave to petersen           : ghc-html [f19,f20]
limb            gave to leigh123linux      : polkit-gnome [epel7]
petersen        gave to pnemade            : google-crosextra-carlito-fonts [EL-6]
petersen        gave to mathstuf           : ghc-tar [EL-5]
petersen        gave to pnemade            : google-crosextra-caladea-fonts [EL-6]
limb            gave to petersen           : ghc-regex-base [f19,f20]
limb            gave to msuchy             : copr [EL-5,EL-6]
kevin           gave to volter             : zabbix [EL-5,EL-6,devel,f18,f19,f20]
limb            gave to cicku              : python-pymtp [EL-6]

Sources: https://github.com/pypingou/fedora-owner-change

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