Source file audit - 2014-01-05

Orion Poplawski orion at
Thu Jan 9 04:18:00 UTC 2014

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On 01/06/2014 12:53 PM, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> Happy new year. A great time to clean up sources files. ;)
> Here's attached another run of my sources/patches url checker. 
> Please fix any packages you are responsible for in rawhide, and
> other branches as other changes permit.
> - This run was done on a Fedora 20 instance, so hopefully many of
> the false positives due to old tools from the last run are gone.
> - I didn't explicitly mention it last time, but you can find the
> output of the script for your package at:
>  This should help determine what the script saw that caused it to
> list your package.
> - The script simply checks has a checkout of your package and runs 
> 'spectool -g packagename.spec' on it. Then it checks the md5sum of 
> anything in sources file against those downloaded sources.

> orion:BADURL:hdf5_1.8.12-1.debian.tar.gz:hdf5

man, that debian stuff churns fast...  updated

> orion:BAD_CVS_SOURCE:jchardet-1.0.pom:jchardet

Looks like changed formatting

> orion:BADURL:kdesvn-1.6.0.tar.bz2:kdesvn

Moved to git only - checked out release.


I'm about to retire this, but updated the URL for now.

> orion:BADURL:multcomp_1.3-0.tar.gz:R-multcomp

Updated to 1.3-1 (they don't keep old tarballs around)

> orion:BADURL:lighting-2.6.4.source.tar.bz2:thunderbird-lightning

Upstream fixed their earlier typo


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