Grub installation. First potential Fedora killer

Harald Hoyer harald.hoyer at
Thu Jan 9 13:30:08 UTC 2014

On 01/02/2014 11:32 PM, Jean Fran├žois Martinez wrote:
> I have a nice booter setup and a nice _main_ Linux installation.  Last thing
>  I would want is a distribution I am _testing_, that is Fedora 20 forces on 
> me it will be my main installation and forces me to choose between installing
> Grub on the MBR or not at all.
> In addition it didn't detect my other Linux installation so at first boot I 
> was only able to choose between Fedora 20 and Fedora 20.  Fortunately running
> grub-install fixed it (ie this time my other installations were detected).
> Sort of.  First of all because Fedora 20, ie a ditribution I was _testing_
> was now the default and second of all because every time I upgrade the kernel
> of my _main_ distribution I am supposed to reboot on F20 and run 
> grub-install.  Great.  Nothing I can't fix but your average Ubuntu or Suse 
> user will just cancel installation as soon he notices F20 is going to force 
> itself on his MBR.  And if the road is a one way one between Fedora and 
> Ubintu then  it is doomed.

That's the reason we came up with

and even have a patch for grub2

If all bootloaders would follow the spec, nothing has to be configured manually
and would just use the dropin directories.

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