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> On Sun, Jan 12, 2014 at 10:29:54AM +0100, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> > There is a growing number of people in the NEEDSPONSOR queue, who have
> > submitted a single package only and who don't attempt at doing a review
> of
> > a different package in the various queues (not even a review of the own
> > package).
> Review your own package?

New contributors can also review their own package and show what things
they found in their package like how they found they have correct upstream
source matching checksum, how they found license tag for their package,
what rpmlint output they found etc. This applies even for other packages
also waiting for review. But, here what Michael want to point out that
people waiting for their package review who are also waiting for
sponsorship should at least look into and provide
their review findings so that other people will come to know any issues in
their package and they can be updated/progressed further.

> I think the aim of the review process is, that a second one should have
> a look on your package to verify, that your package mmets the package
> guidelines and so on.
For a new contributor, if he submitted many packages then whichever package
first gets reviewed should get approved by sponsor member.

> Most people may be blind against thier onw mistakes, so it makes sense
> that anonther one take a look on the package which should introduced
> to Fedora.

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