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Sun Jan 12 23:49:09 UTC 2014

Am 13.01.2014 00:43, schrieb Alec Leamas:
> First of all, this is not, and have never been a question of disabled repos. Or should not have. "yum clean all"
> refers to cleaning all metadata, not all repos. It only operates on one single repo, be it implicit (the default
> link) or an explicit -r option.
> This is what confuses. I know:  been there done that... Even though the documents are clear, the behaviour does
> indeed cause confusion for some reason even though it's well-defined.
> Of course, changing semantics for yum is a bad idea, agreed. I did not have anything like that in mind. At most,
> some info on what buildroot which is used in the output, or similar measures.
> For dnf, I guess one could possibly think somewhat more free. Personally, I tend to think that it's the implicit
> buildroot which causes much of this trouble.
> What happens if we get rid of the implcit buildroot, forcing us to specify it every time? With 'default' as a legal
> option? Personally, I tend to think this might make things a little clearer.

*what* is a "buildroot" in case of YUM/DNF?

in any case nothing relevant for a user and said that i use Fedora and YUM for
many years, the only conetxt of "buildroot" for me is rpmbuild and that has no
context to YUM/DNF at all

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