Firefox Gtk3 test package

Martin Stransky stransky at
Mon Jan 13 15:49:09 UTC 2014

On 01/13/2014 04:41 PM, Josh Boyer wrote:
>> I don't say it's important/newsworthy. It's just FYI. Please ignore if
>> you're not interested.
> Ok, I'll rephrase.
> I'm interested but I have no idea how this is different from every
> other Firefox build that Fedora provides.  Could you elaborate on the
> change some and why it's being made?

Ahh, Okay. The package is build with Gtk3 toolkit [1] (the recent 
official ones are Gtk2) so it's a regular Gtk3 app which should better 
fit to Gnome 3 desktop, use themes/skins and so.

The long term plan is to switch Fedora Firefox to Gtk3 so this is just a 
tech preview. Full of bugs, of course :)



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