Firefox Gtk3 test package

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Mon Jan 13 20:33:58 UTC 2014

>>> Ahh, Okay. The package is build with Gtk3 toolkit [1] (the recent
>>> official
>>> ones are Gtk2) so it's a regular Gtk3 app which should better fit to
>>> Gnome 3
>>> desktop, use themes/skins and so.
>>> The long term plan is to switch Fedora Firefox to Gtk3 so this is just a
>>> tech preview. Full of bugs, of course :)
>> Does this, or will this, have gstreamer support enabled?
> It's the same as the gtk2 package, gstreamer support does not depend on
> toolkit. IIRC the test package has gstreamer enabled as well as the latest
> official Fedora Firefox builds.

It was said in bug [1] comment 9 that it wouldn't be enabled until gst
1 support landed which I believe is either there [2] or mostly so. I
see it's enabled in the rpm but it doesn't appear to work and it's
only with gst 0.10


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