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Mohd Isam mohammed_isam1984 at
Tue Jan 14 03:49:09 UTC 2014

Dear Sir

I am a new subscriber to the devel list. I want to introduce myself to the list and break some ice. I am a young and humble C programmer, although I have experience programming in other languages as Basic and Java. I am using Linux since it was only Red Hats (before the blue Fedora), and I am a huge fan and supporter of the project, in fact all the family are, even that my brother is an assigned Fedora ambassador in Qatar & Sudan. I only recently got to work on some really useful projects, one of which I packaged and tested on my Fedora 20 laptop, and was hoping to get sponsored as it is my first packageĀ  submission. I filed a bugzilla Review Request (bug #1052040), but am not sure if I did the whole thigh right? I hope you can review and help.
It is really nice to be
 part of a large project like Fedora...

Thanks in advance
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