GIT development branches for packagers?

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Tue Jan 14 20:55:03 UTC 2014

On Tue, 14 Jan 2014 12:41:42 -0800
Andrew Lutomirski <luto at> wrote:

> I have some trivial cleanups I want to make to a package a maintain.
> These cleanups are trivial enough that I don't think they're worth a
> new build.  Should I commit them to the master branch?  If so, I can
> imagine a couple of issues:

Sure. Note that you are welcome to build a new rawhide build at any
time, so even if it's not that big a change, it's not a problem to do a
build to just make sure everything is well, etc.

>  - A provenpackager could kick off a rebuild for whatever reason (e.g.
> dependency soname bump).  That will (I think) inadvertently include my
> changes.

Yep. They would. But is that a problem? 

>  - I need to think about whether to add a changelog entry or not.  If
> not, those changes might be included silently.  If yes, then I need to
> think about what to do about the revision number.

I would add a changelog entry and bump the release. 

There's happily no danger of running out of integers. 
> The normal GIT approach would be to develop on another branch and to
> merge when I want to build a new revision (the Fedora equivalent of
> tagging a new release).  Should Fedora provide branches like
> master-devel, f20-devel, etc that store pending changes?

No. You could work in some local branch and merge back to Fedora, but
in practice if you are the maintainer there shouldn't be much need... 

> Am I missing something really obvious here?

Not sure. ;) 


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