Perl autorequires failing for git-svn

Todd Zullinger tmz at
Wed Jan 15 15:29:46 UTC 2014

Jan Kalu┼ża wrote:
> On 01/15/2014 01:56 AM, Todd Zullinger wrote:
>> <mock-chroot>[root at f20-64 /]# /usr/lib/rpm/find-requires <<< 
>> /builddir/build/BUILD/git-
>> This fails because find-requires only passes the file to perl.req if 
>> it's either a .pm file or it's in the script list, which is defined like 
>> this:
>> scriptlist=`echo $filelist | xargs -r file | \ 
>>            grep -E ":.* (commands|script)[, ]" | cut -d: -f1`
> Thanks for this part. I didn't know that. My test-suite for File 
> checks only the regexp defined in /usr/lib/rpm/fileattrs, which is 
> following in F20:
> %__perl_magic		^.*[Pp]erl .*$
> So when testing File-5.14 I didn't think this will cause problems to 
> RPM. I can make File to return "Perl script" again, but I would 
> rather stay consistent with upstream in the detection.
> There's already bug about this: 
> <>. I will open 
> upstream bug for that.

Thanks Jan.  I'll follow that bug.

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