web-assets-httpd stuck in limbo?

Remi Collet Fedora at FamilleCollet.com
Thu Jan 16 05:42:08 UTC 2014

Le 16/01/2014 04:27, Adam Williamson a écrit :
> I've been looking at more webapp unbundling stuff over the last couple
> of days (as anyone following my G+ feed probably noticed...) and I just
> noticed that web-assets-httpd is still not being built. The last note
> was back in August:
> * Fri Aug 16 2013 T.C. Hollingsworth <tchollingsworth at gmail.com> - 4-1
> - temporarily disable httpd stuff while we're waiting on sorting out the
>   directory

Yes, this is ugly, as this make the use of the JS guidelines unusable.

Notice: the current httpd.conf in git is broken because for alias order
which need to be fixed.


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