directfb, fusionsound packaged, review for submition and sdl2 bridge

Juan Manuel Borges CaƱo juanmabcmail at
Sat Jan 18 07:23:11 UTC 2014

Hi, first so everyone know the news, SDL2 support for framebuffer (it is,
wihtout X!!!) displaying is becoming lacky. The more near implementation to
work is DirectFB (tested, small trivial patch to go)

So, on another news, DirectFB has been *orphaned* for some time, yes,
astonishing to me too ;) But wait,...

I nicely beauty repackaged DirectFB And included FusionSound in the
process, cool new one in the db (the versions are one major up, expect
fixes form upstream too) :).

So they are more near to be used by the SDL2 bridge that has a wide list of
projects able and ready for it (mainly just not being GL). I've done a big
part of the work, but the rest of it, review/fixes/review/fixes/approve is
not one i like, so if anyone is up for it i'm not only ready but would like
to pass the torch :)

Thanks, anyway they are in my fedorapeople space available for anyone
interested :)
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