[Owner-change] Fedora packages ownership change

nobody at fedoraproject.org nobody at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jan 20 10:00:04 UTC 2014

Change in ownership over the last 168 hours

1 packages were orphaned
pxe-kexec [EL-5,EL-6] was orphaned by kevin
     Linux boots Linux via network

12 packages unorphaned
daveisfera      unorphaned : llvm [EL-6]
rdieter         unorphaned : qt5-qttools [EL-6]
fantom          unorphaned : checkdns [devel,f18,f19,f20]
rdieter         unorphaned : qt5-qtmultimedia [EL-6]
cicku           unorphaned : NetPIPE [EL-6,devel,f20]
rdieter         unorphaned : qt5-qtdeclarative [EL-6]
msekleta        unorphaned : mlocate [devel,f19,f20]
anishpatil      unorphaned : gettext-commons [devel,f19,f20]
rdieter         unorphaned : qt5-qtwebkit [EL-6]
robert          unorphaned : libvmime [EL-5,EL-6,devel,f18,f19,f20]
gholms          unorphaned : python-boto [EL-6]
rdieter         unorphaned : qt5-qtbase [EL-6]

5 packages were retired
OpenGTL [devel] was retired by rdieter
     Graphics Transformation Languages
amiri-fonts [EL-5] was retired by moceap
     A classical Arabic font in Naskh style
python-pexpect [epel7] was retired by leigh123linux
     Unicode-aware Pure Python Expect-like module
libQtGTL [devel] was retired by rdieter
     Qt bindings for OpenGTL
qt5-qtjsbackend [EL-6,f19] was retired by hobbes1069
     Qt5 - QtJSBackend component

29 packages changed owner
limb            gave to lkundrak           : apache-commons-discovery [epel7]
limb            gave to leigh123linux      : muffin [epel7]
limb            gave to leigh123linux      : nemo [epel7]
limb            gave to sdake              : openstack-heat-templates [EL-6,f20]
limb            gave to leigh123linux      : cinnamon-session [epel7]
limb            gave to pradac             : perl-Capture-Tiny [EL-6]
limb            gave to leigh123linux      : python-pexpect [epel7]
ppisar          gave to pghmcfc            : perl-utf8-all [epel7]
limb            gave to leigh123linux      : nemo-extensions [epel7]
limb            gave to ignatenkobrain     : SDL2_mixer [f19]
limb            gave to leigh123linux      : cinnamon-translations [epel7]
limb            gave to leigh123linux      : cjs [epel7]
limb            gave to leigh123linux      : cinnamon-settings-daemon [epel7]
limb            gave to leigh123linux      : cinnamon-screensaver [epel7]
limb            gave to leigh123linux      : cinnamon-desktop [epel7]
limb            gave to cicku              : python-pgpdump [EL-6,epel7]
limb            gave to stingray           : md5deep [EL-5,EL-6,epel7]
limb            gave to sparks             : cqrlog [epel7]
limb            gave to lbazan             : python-django-filter [EL-6]
limb            gave to leigh123linux      : cinnamon-control-center [epel7]
limb            gave to lkundrak           : perl-Text-CSV [epel7]
limb            gave to remi               : php-pear-Auth [EL-6,epel7]
limb            gave to petersen           : cabal-rpm [EL-5]
limb            gave to rlandmann          : perl-XML-Catalog [EL-5,EL-6]
limb            gave to cicku              : httrack [EL-6,epel7]
limb            gave to kkeithle           : nfs-ganesha [epel7]
limb            gave to sparks             : create-tx-configuration [epel7]
limb            gave to maxamillion        : perl-IPTables-ChainMgr [EL-6]
limb            gave to leigh123linux      : cinnamon [epel7]

Sources: https://github.com/pypingou/fedora-owner-change

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