Announce: fedostree/rpm-ostree v2014.3

Colin Walters walters at
Mon Jan 20 18:03:33 UTC 2014

Hello devel@,

I'm excited to announce the first public release (v2014.3) of the
fedostree/rpm-ostree project.

The web page is here:

rpm-ostree is a quite new, raw, and also quite unofficial project (the instance
above is in the Fedora private scratch cloud).  It is suitable for
evaluation primarily by engineers who are working on
build/packaging/deployment tooling in Fedora, and advanced testers. 

If you're one of those people, before you read any more, if you have a
few minutes, please jump to:
and start downloading the preconfigured VM.  (Or alternatively see for parallel
install instructions inside an existing system).

I've often struggled with explaining OSTree to people - but for the
audience here, I want to emphasize that OSTree is designed to be
*complementary* to package systems like rpm/dpkg.  While OSTree does
take over some roles from RPM such as handling /etc, if you study it
carefully, I think you'll come to agree.

The overall vision is to change Fedora (and really its prominent
downstream) into a less flexible, but more reliable set of products,
tested and delivered *much* *much* faster.

That's about all for this mail - the "Background" section of the web
page has more.

As for what's coming next - I plan to bring gnome-continuous style fast
testing to the rpm-ostree codebase too (assuming I get push notification
from Koji).  For example, test boot both
"fedostree/20/x86_64/workstation/gnome/core" after any package affecting
them changes.  Then if the tests pass, tag those trees as smoketested,

If you have questions, please follow up here!  (There's no mailing list
for rpm-ostree at the moment; you can use ostree-list at for
questions about the core OSTree model).

What I need now is evaluation from some of the stakeholders in various
parts of the deployment stack; for example, the changes to the handling
of /var in RPM needs discussion.

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