Announce: fedostree/rpm-ostree v2014.3

Dennis Jacobfeuerborn dennisml at
Tue Jan 21 06:40:00 UTC 2014

On 20.01.2014 19:03, Colin Walters wrote:
> Hello devel@,
> I'm excited to announce the first public release (v2014.3) of the
> fedostree/rpm-ostree project.
> The web page is here:
> rpm-ostree is a quite new, raw, and also quite unofficial project (the instance
> above is in the Fedora private scratch cloud).  It is suitable for
> evaluation primarily by engineers who are working on
> build/packaging/deployment tooling in Fedora, and advanced testers.
> If you're one of those people, before you read any more, if you have a
> few minutes, please jump to:
> and start downloading the preconfigured VM.  (Or alternatively see
> for parallel
> install instructions inside an existing system).
> I've often struggled with explaining OSTree to people - but for the
> audience here, I want to emphasize that OSTree is designed to be
> *complementary* to package systems like rpm/dpkg.  While OSTree does
> take over some roles from RPM such as handling /etc, if you study it
> carefully, I think you'll come to agree.
> The overall vision is to change Fedora (and really its prominent
> downstream) into a less flexible, but more reliable set of products,
> tested and delivered *much* *much* faster.
> That's about all for this mail - the "Background" section of the web
> page has more.
> As for what's coming next - I plan to bring gnome-continuous style fast
> testing to the rpm-ostree codebase too (assuming I get push notification
> from Koji).  For example, test boot both
> "fedostree/20/x86_64/base/minimal",
> "fedostree/20/x86_64/workstation/gnome/core" after any package affecting
> them changes.  Then if the tests pass, tag those trees as smoketested,
> like:
> "fedostree/20/smoketested/x86_64/base/minimal".
> If you have questions, please follow up here!  (There's no mailing list
> for rpm-ostree at the moment; you can use ostree-list at for
> questions about the core OSTree model).
> What I need now is evaluation from some of the stakeholders in various
> parts of the deployment stack; for example, the changes to the handling
> of /var in RPM needs discussion.

Interesting. I've downloaded the VM Image and tried to understand the 
setup. Apparently there exist sort of two root trees / and /sysroot in 
the system with some links targeting the /sysroot tree. What I'm 
wondering about is that /dev/mapper/fedora-root is mounted several times 
on /, /var, /usr and /sysroot (twice!) sometimes rw and sometimes ro.

The impression I get is that /sysroot is the actual root fs in the image 
and / the ostree directory at least that's what the links seem to 
suggest. I still don't understand the mount-voodoo though. Is there some 
documentation about this available?


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