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Stephen Gallagher sgallagh at redhat.com
Tue Jan 21 19:10:07 UTC 2014

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On 01/20/2014 08:33 AM, Marcela Mašláňová wrote:
> Environment and Stacks Working Group approved the first version of
> PRD. Feel free to comment what is missing or what should be
> altered.
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Env_and_Stacks/Product_Requirements_Document

have some comments and feedback on this PRD that I figured I'd
submit before it comes to FESCo. I'm very sorry this is so late, but I
haven't had a chance to read it previously.

In general, I think the content is good and the goals makes sense. I
just have a few minor suggestions:

* The "Vision Statement" isn't one. The purpose of a vision statement
is to describe the state that you want to achieve. A better vision
statement here might be "Fedora is the preferred ecosystem of choice
for new software development to occur in any language and on any

* The "Mission Statement" describes the working group. It should be a
short, high-level description of the strategy to achieve the vision.
Suggestion: "The Environment and Stacks Working Group will research
and develop new or improved methods of packaging and deploying
software for the Fedora community".

* "An example of a Koji-git integration: a successful build of a
package in Koji triggers automatic generation of a tag in package's
git repository so that the packager can easily access the content of
the particular build using pure git." This seems overly-specific for a
PRD (and also the builds are already associated with a commit ID, so
the tag is a convenience, not really an enhancement).

* "We will encourage upstream projects to move toward a CI model." +1000

* I'd like to see more about DevAssistant. I personally know a fair
amount about it, but the average reader of this document will probably
not. Same with COPR, Koji and Bodhi in several places; the document
assumes that the reader is familiar with them (and the one-sentence
definition section is a little light on detail). I realize you link
out, but it would read easier with a little more content in the
document itself.
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