Schedule for Thursday's FPC Meeting (2014-01-23 17:00 UTC)

James Antill james at
Wed Jan 22 18:34:47 UTC 2014

 Following is the list of topics that will be discussed in the FPC
meeting Thursday at 2014-01-23 17:00 UTC in #fedora-meeting-1 on

 Local time information (via. rktime):

2014-01-23 09:00 Thu US/Pacific             PST
2014-01-23 12:00 Thu US/Eastern             EST
2014-01-23 17:00 Thu UTC <-
2014-01-23 17:00 Thu Europe/London <-
2014-01-23 18:00 Thu Europe/Paris           CET
2014-01-23 18:00 Thu Europe/Berlin          CET
2014-01-23 22:30 Thu Asia/Calcutta          IST
------------------new day----------------------
2014-01-24 01:00 Fri Asia/Singapore         SGT
2014-01-24 01:00 Fri Asia/Hong_Kong         HKT
2014-01-24 02:00 Fri Asia/Tokyo             JST
2014-01-24 03:00 Fri Australia/Brisbane     EST

 Links to all tickets below can be found at:

= Followups =

(approval and retirement sections already passed,
 nothing to discuss this week)
#topic #339     software collections in Fedora
.fpc 339

(no draft, to be closed)
#topic #358     Please make some autotools guidelines.
.fpc 358

#topic #381     Bundling exception for python-matplotlib fonts
.fpc 381

#topic #382     Go Packaging Guidelines Draft
.fpc 382

= New business =

#topic #384 	New Java Packaging Guidelines
.fpc 384

#topic #385 	workarounds for rpm symlink <-> directory issue
.fpc 385

#topic #386 	/etc/shells need to be considered
.fpc 386

#topic #387 	Bundling exception: Heimdal bundles libtommath
.fpc 387

= Open Floor = 

 For more complete details, please visit each individual ticket.  The
report of the agenda items can be found at:

 If you would like to add something to this agenda, you can reply to
this e-mail, file a new ticket at,
e-mail me directly, or bring it up at the end of the meeting, during
the open floor topic. Note that added topics may be deferred until
the following meeting. 

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