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Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov at> wrote:

> 2014/1/23 Kevin Fenzi <kevin at>:
> > Can you please file a infrastructure ticket on this and I will get
> > it updated.
> Don't know what others think, but I personally prefer GitHub pull
> requests because they are much simpler and don't involve any
> interaction with stone age software like trac or various MTAs. Just
> out of the curiosity why don't we mirror anything related to
> Fedora-Infra at GitHub? We actually have a working Fedora-Infra
> organisation here:

While github is nice for pulls and patches, it's not so great for
tickets and support needs. 

github issues are very primitive last I looked and wouldn't meet Fedora
Infrastructures needs, IMHO. 

> Btw I'm also playing with BFO and would love to have a chance to
> improve it. Unfortunately a lot of current projects still hosts on
> Fedorahosting which is so awful that it should be better to abandon it
> completely in favor of something much better (GitHub of self-hosted
> GitLab instance maybe)

Sorry you feel that way. 

There was a google summer of code project to package up gitlab, but I
don't think it's complete. Additionally, gitlab != github. There's a
vast amount of difference between them. ;( 

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