Heads up; F22 will require applications to ship appdata to be listed in software center

"Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" johannbg at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 16:56:08 UTC 2014

On 01/23/2014 04:27 PM, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Hi
> On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 11:08 AM, "Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" wrote:
>     On 01/23/2014 03:55 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:
>                 > >So, one possibility would be to move
>                 less-maintained packages to a separate
>                 > >repository tree still included as Fedora and
>                 enabled by default
>             >That wont reduce the bugs reported against it...
>         That's not necessarily bad. And by categorizing those bugs
>         separately, it
>         would be easier to treat them differently.
>     We dont want QA community members testers/reporters/triagers ( and
>     general end users ) wasting their contributed time reporting bugs
>     that wont get fixed.
> Who is we?

Obviously not you...

> Just because upstream is inactive doesn't mean that there are bugs and 
> just because upstream is inactive doesn't mean package maintainers 
> won't fix bug reports.

If a package maintainer fixes bug the package is no longer inactive 
since it's being actively maintained which is what matters regardless if 
upstream or just downstream with us...

Quite frankly it amazes me how much people put themselves on a pedestole 
for maintaining a component in a distribution and at the same time 
either fail  to understand or simply disregard the time,resources and 
scope the service sub-community as well as feature owners have to put 
into that component.

QA/Releng/Infra/Doc all have to spend contributed time and resources 
into that same component for the duration of the lifetime of the 
component in the distribution which more often than not, is long time 
after it's maintainer has "vanished" or the component simply is no 
longer being maintained downstream/upstream...

And all of the above is *beside* the negative effect such components 
have on end users that expect it to work since it's available to them 
through an application installer of any kind.

How much time would it have saved Richard not having to go through those 
dead or semi-dead components and how willing do you think people are 
jumping to assist him when they know there is 40% that the time they are 
contribute to that work will be for nothing since those app apps are 
dead or semi-dead upstream?

To me this is pure community resources leakage due to distribution 
litterers with the mentality of packaging *everything* regardless if 
upstream is dead or not because it works for *them*.


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