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> That's why we need enforcement. There should be a statement from a
> competent committee (Board, FESCo, whomever) that effective NOW,
> stuff can ONLY be uploaded to production (and staging too, probably)
> infrastructure if it is either:
> (a) developed on Fedora Hosted or
> (b) has a demonstrable non-Fedora upstream and significant use at
> other projects (i.e., a clause intended for stuff like Trac that's
> clearly reuse of existing third-party community code, NOT stuff like
> pkgdb2).

Feel free to submit a Board or Fesco ticket with your proposal. 

I'm strongly -1 here.

> Anything that does NOT fit into either (a) or (b) (even any updates
> to already deployed stuff) should be REQUIRED to move to Fedora
> Hosted before it can be deployed.
> Fedora MUST NOT be at the whim of third-party code hosting services, 
> especially proprietary ones.

Why are we at anyone's whim?

If github closed down today, we would simpy sync up our git repos
elsewhere and move on. Granted we could loose some in flight issues or
pull requests, but since it also sends those as email, we would at
least have a good record of them to ask people to resubmit. 


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