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On 23 January 2014 17:28, Kevin Kofler <kevin.kofler at> wrote:

> Adam Williamson wrote:request process down people's throats).
> > has anyone yet publicly noted the irony of someone building a wildly
> > successful proprietary SCM platform on top of a project that was written
> > to rescue the kernel from a proprietary SCM platform, btw? :P
> This shows that people have not learned ANYTHING from the ButtKeeper
> fiasco.
> :-(
Dude, that was so long ago in computer times that you might as well recall
the great punch card disaster of 1968. Trying to remind people that
something over 18 months ago might happen again rarely works. [I know this
from 30+ years of doing so.]

> I can understand that individuals cannot afford hosting their own git
> server, but I don't see why:
> 1. they don't use the AGPLed Gitorious nor
> 2. why large projects with their own infrastructure rely on such
> third-party
> services, sometimes ignoring existing infrastructure such as Fedora Hosted
> that works perfectly fine.
'works perfectly fine' in a small set of usages. It takes a heck of a lot
of babysitting to keep it working at the limited extent it does. I am not
saying that I don't agree that Fedora things should be on Fedora Hosted,
but don't try to overlook that fedorahosted is severely taxed with what it
has already. It doesn't fit what people want and the fact that trac is
primarily used with SVN but most of the users want anything but that
doesn't help. Add in the fact that trying to do any sort of failover
requires shared storage needs we can't meet and you have a tall stack of
dishes on a ship in a storm.

Stephen J Smoogen.
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