Shipping package metadata in a package

Bill Nottingham notting at
Fri Jan 24 21:51:38 UTC 2014

Richard Hughes (hughsient at said: 
> I'm after some advice / ideas. When you install Fedora 20/21 and then
> launch gnome-software it has to go and download some metadata before
> it can show anything. This is a pretty bad first experience,
> considering subsequent runs of gnome-software just open straight away.
> GNOME Software operates on the logic that *any* version of the
> metadata is better than nothing, and only refreshes once a week when
> the user is idle.

(I assume that this is different than the normal repository metadata.)

I think starting this at some point during the initial-setup process or
during the gnome-software first startup is fine is fine ; I've seen many
other application stores that have this behavior where the first run is
slower than subsequent runs.  It could even be messaged in the UI - have it
start a tour of gnome-software on first run that shows the user how the
interface works & so on, as a distraction while the data is downloading.


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