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On Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 11:20 AM, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora at leemhuis.info>wrote:

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> The Fedoraproject once again chose to leave non-free out of Fedora. I
> appreciate that. I even think a lot of users understand why the
> Fedoraproject acts like this (now and earlier, too). But: it utterly
> hard to get non-free Software when running Fedora. That's what the
> Fedora ecosystem IMHO needs to fix. Debian, who has a similar stance on
> non-free Software, does a way better job in that area than Fedora does.
> We need to catch up here and I think the Fedoraproject should drive
> this, because it's important for the success of Fedora (and RHEL/CentOS)
> that people can easily use it for what they want.

Indeed. And to be frank it's not only about non-free software, it's just
about anything which if not is "Not invented Here" at least is "Not
Packaged Here".

> And as the down-voted
> proposal shows: There are developers within the Fedoraproject that are
> willing to do the work; there are more in Korora, RPM Fusion and other
> places. We just need to bring them together properly afiacs.

I'm also on this. After the lpf effort trying to cope with
non-redistributable sw (skype, spotify, flash...) I'm now trying a
simplistic way top make "foreign" repositories more visible and usable.:

After hacking a simple tool which provides a GUI for a repository file it's
possible to create repository packages complete with  desktop and appdata
file. I have some 5-10 such repository packages under way, my plan is to
push them into rpmfusion.

If there will be a way for users to aggregate appdata from different
sources such as rpmfusion  (don't fully really understand this process
right now) users will be able to search and find also non-free items  as
long there is a packaged repository for them. It should work out of the box
right now using old-school tools based on package metadata.

Not ideal, but perhaps something.

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