general compliment for F19/F20

Haïkel Guémar hguemar at
Sat Jan 25 20:26:28 UTC 2014

Le 25/01/2014 20:40, Reindl Harald a écrit :
> i think sometimes some nice words are worth
> F19/F20 so far are great releases with nearly zero regressions
> possibly because RHEL7 is cooked based on F19/F20 and partyl Rawhide

No, all the merit is due to Fedora contributors and our efforts to 
improve the quality of the overall distro.
Fedora is *community-driven*, implying that RHEL7 may be one of the 
cause of that success is rude to the contributors whether they are paid 
or not by Red Hat.

> the only downside currently are some systemd mis-behaviors hopefully
> resolved before F19 is EOL and F20 becomes mandatory on servers
> i really appreciate the distribution and only wish some major
> features in F15-F17 would not appear again from the viewpoint
> of their user-impact by "be first for a too high price"

"In cauda venenum"
Please read Fedora mission statement:

"The Fedora Project's mission is to *lead* the advancement of free and 
open source software and content as a collaborative community." 
(emphasis is mine)

I'm proud that we did these disruptive changes, because if we didn't, 
they might never have happened.
Many Fedora contributors feel the same (and a consequent number disagree 
We're not doing to get the first place, just to bring and help mature 
the changes we feel right: systemd is one of them. And what happened 
later proved us that we were right.

Best regards,

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