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Sat Jan 25 21:42:21 UTC 2014

Am 25.01.2014 22:34, schrieb Haïkel Guémar:
> Le 25/01/2014 22:22, Reindl Harald a écrit :
>> "as you actively did this month" - where? 
> As i'm not planning to go further, i'll answer this last one:
> The very first flame of the year here has been the "DNF vs yum" thread you started
> which got us coverage from phoronix.

nothing was wrong with that thread except some people took
it as attack and some started joke posts while it was meant as
"now while there is really enough time please consider what
features are really needed and should not be dropped"

if my intention would have been a flamewar i would simply have
waited a year and come after that with a rude "how is it possible
that this replacement has it made in a stable release"

> For the rest, just review your posts and the following discussions over january

i know my posts in january

they are far away from a flamewar

> I can't wait HyperKitty, so we get real feedbacks about discussions in our mailing-lists,
> and maybe act to tone down the bickering in devel

yes and maybe you will be surprised about the results

while you are so often use the word "community" keep in mind
the people using it daily, have enabeld updates-testing and
often enough download packages from koji and try to give feedback
to sort out troubles and prevent get them in stable releases while
at the same time try to avoid breakage because they drive a
prodcutn infrastructure with Fedora n-1 are part of it

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