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Am 27.01.2014 00:57, schrieb Kevin Fenzi:
> I don't think this subthread is being particularly useful... 
> And the personal attacks are undesirable. 
> Please stop or at least take it to private email

*sorry* for not early enough realize trolling in first start with
the same argumentation as Simon and me to later fight against it
while now claim i came up with the idea of snapshots while
warning all the time and tried to explain Chris *why* i

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I don't follow this. The realization an update is bad doesn't necessarily occur right away. So we still need a way
to separate system domain vs user domain, at least, so that system files are rolled back separately from user files


can someone *please stop that troll telling lies*

> And then you propose a ridonkulous snapshot-rollback strategy that would for certain cause
> major problems if the rollback were actually done, and then use that as fait accompli for
> why the entire concept of fs rollbacks are stupid. Your arguments are asinine. Your emails
> belong in a kill file.

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