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Stephen Gallagher sgallagh at redhat.com
Mon Jan 27 13:06:27 UTC 2014

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On 01/27/2014 05:36 AM, Ian Malone wrote:
> So without, unfortunately, the time to read through reams of stuff
> on this and with my user hat on (don't think I've seen any
> discussion of this on the users list), if it means how fedora
> actually works is better thought out then that's a good thing, but
> does this mean there will be things unavailable on some 'products'
> that are not on others? At the minute you install a spin and can
> add whatever other packages. That's great if you want to do
> something like set up a quick web server for testing or stream some
> music without creating VMs everywhere. It sounds a bit like this
> plan may end up with finding you can't do X on a Fedora system
> because you installed the wrong flavour.


The Products will be defining an environment and a standard install
set. They may have separate initial *installation* repositories if
they need to provide different options to Anaconda, but beyond that
the intent is for all of the Products to continue to draw from the
same store of packages together.

If (for example) we got ourselves into a situation where you couldn't
install Fedora Server and then also install the GNOME desktop
environment on that Server, this would be considered a major bug and
one that we would need to reconcile immediately.
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