Fedora.next: I would like working configurations

Dan Lavu dan at lavu.net
Mon Jan 27 20:01:03 UTC 2014

Most of the services you described do have a "working" configuration but 
the service is not turned on. You are right though, when you install a 
Windows CA it's ready to go. In regards to DHCP, the dhcpd.conf file has 
a commented sample that needs to be edited and then turned on. Is this 
what you are looking for?

On 27/01/14 14:33, Chris Adams wrote:
> Once upon a time, Robert M. Albrecht <lists at romal.de> said:
>> If I install a Windows-Server with some services like DHCP or file
>> services, I get a working configuration.
> Can you be more specific on what you mean by "working configuration"?
> As far as I know, you still have to configure the service on Windows
> before it does anything.  How could a "default" install of a DHCP
> service possibly know what to do without configuration?

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