Fedora.next: I would like working configurations

Robert M. Albrecht lists at romal.de
Mon Jan 27 21:12:00 UTC 2014


> He's not suggesting turning services on by default just by installing
> pacakges (I don't think). I think his request here is similar to our
> Fedora Server Roles idea where there are special "packages" (possibly
> meta-packages) that are separate from the simple installed bits. So
> you might have the server-role-dhcp package that 'Requires: dhcp' but
> also provides either a default (and reasonably-secure) configuration
> or some mechanism to interactively configure and deploy a DHCP server.

> So if someone installed the 'dhcp' package on its own, this would not
> autostart it. However, if someone deployed the DHCP Server role, that
> should be considered a sufficiently intentional action to start it.

Perfect. You are a mind-reader :-)

cu romal

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