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> > I'm skeptical about the whole package-signing thing.  

skeptical in what way? 

> > Why don't we
> > sign repository metadata and have that metadata store hashes of the
> > appropriate packages?  Then adding a key for a repository wouldn't
> > magically allow that key to sign packages claiming to come from a
> > different repository.  It would also prevent various
> > replay-old-package attacks.

Sure, but if you install a package not from the repo you have no way to
know it's valid without that repodata being available to check against. 
Also, old packages won't be verifable anymore when repodata changes to
drop them. 

> > Configuration could be simpler, too:
> > 
> > [some-copr-repo]
> > name=Name
> > metalink=whatever
> > metalink_key=[private key, specified right here]
> > gpgcheck=0

Something would need to generate the metalinks then... 

Feel free to file it as a RFE for copr... perhaps it would work out
> > I doubt that GPG's keyring concepts or web-of-trust stuff add any
> > security whatsoever to things like rpm and yum.  They do, however,
> > make configuration unnecessarily arcane.
> We shouldn't change so easily tried and tested methods just because
> you "doubt". :)
> Ouch[2]!

Well, there are advantages to moving to signing repodata. There's also
disadvantages. For Fedora repos, it's not worth it. It might be the
tradeoffs are different in copr and it's a better option there. 

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