Fedora.next in 2014 -- Big Picture and Themes

Robert M. Albrecht lists at romal.de
Tue Jan 28 19:34:23 UTC 2014


> * Although it's certainly not the only reason, Fedora as _solely_ a hobbyist
>    desktop is not ideal for an upstream for RHEL server and cloud products.

No other system can be reinstalled / upgraded every six months. That 
single fact IMHO kills all other use cases.

If I need a stable Fedora-like server, I get CentOS. It's kind of a 

> * General trend in Linux towards the base distribution being "boring" and
>    not mattering. I asked several dozen different people at a gigantic Amazon
>    conference why everyone was using the distribution they chose instead of
>    Fedora, and the answer was almost universally "oh, I don't care; that's
>    not really an interesting question because there's nothing important at
>    that level".

All (of the big) distros are mature today. At the early days one chose 
his distro by drivers, by installation-tool, by packages, ...

Nowady every distro has a working installer, has a bazillion packages, 
... they basically all work.

So non-technical topics become more relevant: is there a LTS-release, 
can I start with a free(beer) distro like centos and later change to a 
paid-support-modell (RHEL) without rebuilding all my configs and apps, 
how good is the documentation, ...

The real innovation is happening on the desktop: power management, 
Wayland, Mesa, wifi/3g/4g, color-management, pulseaudio, ...

> Now, that might not be really _true_, but it's definitely an
>    increasing perception. How can we either fight that perception, or make
>    sure that Fedora expands to also do work in the "interesting" space?

I don't know anything about the statistics on Fedora contributors and 
their jobs. But if there are lot of hobbyists, students, ... these 
people are not able / interessted in large enterprise stuff like 
OpenStack, ... they work on devel-tools like languages and 
desktop-stuff, that's what they are using.

If Fedora want's more innovation in those topics, Fedora must possibly 
reallign the devel-community. Most enterprise-project like libvirt, 
freeipa, Spacewalk, ... are done by Redhat-people ? Or am I totaly 
mistaken there.

cu romal

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