FYI: arm and buildvm builders moved to fedora 20

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Tue Jan 28 23:24:44 UTC 2014

Just a FYI, I have reinstalled all our arm and buildvm builders with
fedora 20. 

In the process I cleaned up our ansible koji_builder role a great deal.

I ran into two issues: 

1) The arm builders would hang on boot with the current Fedora 20
stable updates kernel: kernel-3.12.8-300.fc20. Upon looking I noted a
commit right after that version that was related, and sure enough,
kernel-3.12.9-300.fc20 works just fine. 

2) newrepo tasks for epel were failing after the buildvm's were
upgraded. This seems to be:
So, I downgraded createrepo, and all was well again. 

There are still a few builders on rhel6: buildhw01/02 which I will look
at switching over soon, bkernel01/02 (the kernel builders which I
might switch over if feasable), and buildppc-01/02 (which we will likely
change over to fedora when we get new hardware in).

If you notice some issue that you think is somehow related to the OS on
the builder, please report it via the normal means (releng trac, etc). 

Thanks, and happy building. 

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