Fedora.NEXT Products and the fate of Spins

Christian Schaller cschalle at redhat.com
Thu Jan 30 12:08:16 UTC 2014

My statements was directly targeted at the often repeated attitude on this list which
seems to be that Red Hat should shut up and pay for whatever the given poster think should be payed
for without having any expectations or requirements of the Fedora community in return.

The relationship between Red Hat and Fedora is very different from that of for instance Debian and Ubuntu,
with Red Hat being a lot more directly involved in both contributing to Fedora and paying for the
general upkeep of Fedora. Personally I always felt that this symbiotic relationship was a big part of
what made Fedora interesting.

So in regards to the spins, which my original response didn't really try to address, I think they should all become remixes
and I think we should try to build an infrastructure where doing a remix is as easy as possible.
For example, in theory I think the Fedora project could provide some kind of web hosting space for the remixes, to reduce the burden/threshold
for remix maintainers, but I do also see that there are legal and administrative reasons for why that could be a bad idea, but I am sure that with
some discussion and investigation there are solutions that can be found to these practical challenges.


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> What I mean to say is that Red Hat has a business motive to support the
> Fedora community,
> if supporting Fedora was a pure act of charity then I think organizations
> like the Red Cross
> or Unicef would have a much better chance of getting the money.
> So if the Fedora community wants to not care about why Red Hat invests in
> Fedora they are of course free to do so,
> but it becomes quite disingenuous to later be surprised if Red Hat loses
> interest in Fedora.
> well this kind of strategy towards the community is not very inspiring for
> the new contributors, is it?
> I think there is interest in the fedora community for Gnome as well as other
> DE which RHEL doesn't ship.
> But since this thread has been moving in a direction where the Fedora spins
> are under threat to exist in the repos doesn't bode well for the packages
> that is not of interest to red hat.
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