Another questionable dependency chain -- libreoffice-writer installs log4j-chainsaw

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>> On 30 January 2014 11:17, Aleksandar Kurtakov <akurtako at> wrote:
>> > Clarification the actual chain is
>> > ....
>> > java-headless->rhino->jline->jansi->hawtjni->xbean->avalon-framework->log4j
>> Ahh, thanks for working that one out. Java isn't my area of expertise.
>> > It's time to prune such things out of the distro.
>> So what can we prune for F21? Does xbean actually require
>> avalon-framework -- or does hawtjni actually need xbean? etc..
> Second thought - Fedora 21 makes OpenJDK 1.8 default which should have nashorn as a replacement for rhino and we can get rid of rhino from the openjdk deps.

Mikolaj has been testing JDK 8 these past few weeks and the results
don't seem encouraging for us. There are *a ton* of compilation
failures, mostly in javadocs.

I am not saying this is not doable, but it will involve *a lot* of
work in any case. One blasphemous suggestion was to just get rid of
javadoc generation :-)

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