Fedora.NEXT Products and the fate of Spins

Jiri Eischmann eischmann at redhat.com
Thu Jan 30 15:35:05 UTC 2014

Christian Schaller píše v Čt 30. 01. 2014 v 05:40 -0500:
> The difference here is that the resources for GNOME (or anything else Red Hat needs for future versions of RHEL) are 
> provided by Red Hat. So if you want the spins to the logically the same in terms of resources we should start demanding 
> that any spin set up needs to provide an annual monetary contribution to help pay for the Fedora infrastructure and team.
> Christian

Well, I think there are not only monetary contributions. There are also
non-monetary contributions and we should not forget about them. IMHO
spins provide enough non-monetary contributions to Fedora to justify
their existence within the Project and consumption of resources that are
primarily sponsored by Red Hat.

There is not any reliable data of desktop usage among Fedora users, but
according to different polls almost half of our user base is using other
desktops, hence spins. They are used by many contributors, their users
also use, test and file bugs against parts of Fedora that are highly
interesting to Red Hat. Getting them out of the Project or placing any
financial barriers to entry the Project would mostly harm Red Hat in the

Although I'm all for having a default spin that is primarily advertised
and offered to people new to Linux or Fedora I think we should remain a
distribution of choice. Getting spins out of Fedora and offer them the
remix status is not the best path to a larger user base. I don't think
that remix users report bugs in Fedora bugzilla much, for example.


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> > > I consider myself squarely in the middle of those two camps.  I think
> > > they have value to people.  I think they fill a niche, however large
> > > or small it might be.  I also think they can be done by the people
> > > wishing to provide them without relying on Fedora resources for
> > > hosting and creation (outside of leveraging existing packages and
> > > repositories).
> > 
> > That doesn't sound right,
> > logically below would also be true.
> > Gnome is a fairly big Spin,
> > and can eat up quite a lot of resources.
> > Maybe it should be outsourced.
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